Sponsor license and Skilled worker visa

Get citizenship in the UK through employment.

Who is eligible. for this type of visa?

Qualified employees with an offer from British employers
Companies that want to be able to provide work visas

Steps in obtaining a Sponsor License and Skilled worker Visa includes:

Obtaining a visa
Selecting a company with an Authorizing Officer
Collecting a documentation package for Sponsor Licenses
Issuing Skilled Worker Visa for employees
Obtaining a Sponsor License for this company
In order to apply for a Sponsor License (SL), an Authorized Officer (AO) and Level 1 User must be determined. There are restrictions on who can be an AO and Level 1 User. Details and eligibility requirements can be found on the Gov.uk website.

Sponsor license applications are usually processed within 8 weeks. An employer may apply for priority service for an additional fee. In that case, the request is processed within 10 business days since the date of application.

It usually takes up to 3 - 8 weeks to obtain a work visa with a sponsor license. This process can also be accelerated through priority services.

After 5 years of residence and work under this visa, the employee can apply .for ILR in the UK.
A year after obtaining ILR, the employee can apply for .British citizenship.

What does the Skilled worker visa provide?

The right of residence from 1 to 5 years
The right to work for your sponsoring employer in the occupation described in the sponsorship certificate. It is also possible to work for another employer for up to 20 hours per week in certain positions
The opportunity to bring your partner or spouse and children (under 18) to the UK
The right to travel abroad and return to the UK
Private and free public schools are available for underage children
Visa requirements
You may need to provide a health certificate to show that you have been tested for pulmonary tuberculosis
Possible confirmation of a basic first time living allowance of at least £1,270 in the UK
No criminal records or immigration violations
18 years and older
English language proficiency at B1 level on CEFR scale