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Reflecting on 2023:
A Year of Immigration Evolution and Global Success
As we say goodbye to 2023, it's time to take a look back at a year that brought about immense advances and accomplishments. Stay with us as we relive the highlights and share our warmest wishes for the festive season and the promising year ahead.

Innovator Visa Unveils a New Chapter:
April 2023 marked a turning point in business immigration as the Innovator Visa and Start-up Visa underwent a significant metamorphosis, merging into the Innovator Founder Visa. This transition paved the door for entrepreneurs to pursue their ideas in new directions, redefining possibilities and paving the path for a more dynamic journey.

Navigating Fee Adjustments:
In October 2023, visa application fees increased, resulting in a modest but significant change.

A Year of Unprecedented Achievements at Goldman Solutions

Inside Goldman Solutions, 2023 was a year of victories:
  • Our team doubled by embracing qualified people from all over the world.
  • Despite challenges, our success rate held strong at 100%, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to excellence.
  • We strengthened our worldwide reach by collaborating with strategic partners, such are Move Anywhere, MIA and KP Kofman Partners all across the world, creating a tapestry of success that knows no borders.
  • In our efforts to enhance customer engagement, we successfully expanded our outreach, notably at prestigious venues such as UCL and Oxford.
  • We broadened our international presence by participating in such conferences, including Web Summit, Emerge, and the America Outbound Conference. These connections enabled us to exchange ideas, promote collaborations, and remain on top of industry trends.
It's not only about delivering services; it's about actively remaining in contact with the Home Office and the changes happening in immigration legislation, as well as quickly adapting to these changes.

As we approach the festive season and look forward to the arrival of 2024, we send our best wishes to you, our readers, and our clients. and may the following year bring you new chances, success, and shared accomplishments.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

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