Global Talent Visa

Get UK citizenship thanks to your talent.
Who is eligible. for this type of visa?
Industry leaders with achievements in science, culture and arts or digital technologies
Young specialists with achievements in certain fields
Steps in obtaining a Global Talent Visa*
Preparing a case
Receiving approval from TechNation
Submitting a visa application
Obtaining an English visa in your passport
Flying into the UK
Receiving a resident card
*based on digital technologies
After 3-5 years you will be able to apply for .ILR in the UK
What does the Global talent visa provide?
Opportunity to be employed or self-employed
The ability to change jobs without having to renegotiate your visa application
The opportunity to bring your partner or spouse and children (under 18) to the UK
You do not need to prove language proficiency and income level to obtain a talent visa
Private and free public schools are available for underage children

Visa requirements
18 years and older
No criminal records or immigration violations
You may need to provide a health certificate to show that you have been tested for pulmonary tuberculosis