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Decoding Recent Shifts:
Key Insights into UK Immigration Policy Reforms

In a pivotal development on December 4, 2023, the UK's Home Secretary outlined an extensive 'five-point plan,' signalling a significant shift in the nation's immigration policies. Let's delve into this transformation by comparing the previous state with the present:
Аffected routes:
Health & Care Visa
Skilled Worker Salaries
Shortage Occupation List
Family Member Finances
Graduate Route
Health & Care Visa: Evolving Sponsorship Dynamics:
Before: Care workers enjoyed the privilege of sponsoring family members.
Now: Come Spring 2024, family sponsorship ceases. Care organisations must secure a Care Quality Commission (CQC) accreditation for individual sponsorships, addressing concerns of abuse.

Skilled Worker Salaries: A Fiscal Revamp:
Before: The Skilled Worker salary threshold held steady at £26,200.
Now: Spring 2024 mandates an increase to £38,700. Notably, Health and Care visa applicants are exempt from this adjustment.

Shortage Occupation List: Shifting Incentives:
Before: The Shortage Occupation List included a 20% salary discount.
Now: Acting on Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommendations, the salary discount is discontinued. Simultaneously, the MAC embarks on a comprehensive review of the list.

Family Member Finances: A Significant Adjustment:
Before: The minimum income required for family members stood at £18,600.
Now: Spring 2024 witnesses a substantial increase to £38,700, a strategic move towards equilibrium.

Graduate Route: Scrutiny and Reassessment:
Before: The Graduate route operated within established parameters.
Now: The Migration Advisory Committee is engaged in a meticulous review, warranting vigilance for forthcoming updates.

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